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Update: Dec 12, 2018

Hilda Brazil

Are you ready for a sexy Brazilian trans girl to talk dirty to you in English? Let curvy Hilda Brazil tell you all the nasty things she wants to do with you! She shows you how horny she is as she starts to stroke her thick girl dick. Her huge breasts poke out the top of her lacy leotard, and she begs you to suck her off. She's throbbing so much for you and can't wait to cum in your mouth! But first, she wants you to fantasize about her cock inside you, fucking you hard. At the same time, watch her pound her tight trans girl pussy with a huge dildo. First, she gets it wet with her spit and rubs it between her juicy breasts. Next, she ravages her booty hole by riding her humongous toy. Her girl cock glistens with precum until she finally shoots a yummy load of girl jizz all over your lips and tongue.

Update: Nov 16, 2018

Yasmin Dornelles

Nubile Brazilian beauty Yasmin Dornelles looks sexy in her braces and black lingerie. She licks her huge breasts before sucking on her large, glass dildo. Once it's nice and lubed up, she rubs it between her juicy cheeks. Her hungry asshole flexes to bring the toy in even deeper. She strokes her humongous, uncut dick as you kneel below her. Suck her off as she plays with her beautiful, long black hair. Watch her lie back and stroke her big cock until she erupts in a huge, messy cum shot!

Update: Nov 07, 2018

Caroline Martins

Brazilian brunette Caroline Martins is drop dead gorgeous and feeling very horny. Watch her strip out of her sexy, black lingerie. She licks her fingers and massages her delicious breasts. She spreads her juicy ass cheeks apart and inserts a manicured finger. But, she needs something bigger. A clear, glass dildo. She fucks herself with the fun toy and grabs her uncut girl cock. She strokes her fat dick until she squeezes out a thick and frothy load of goo.

Update: Oct 24, 2018

Alice Marques

Brand new Brazilian trans girl model Alice Marques has long legs and a beautiful face. Watch her massage her all natural tits as she exposes her sexy tan lines. The tiny sex kitten pulls down her little bikini bottoms and starts teasing her ass pussy with a wet finger. Then, she sucks on a purple dildo to get it nice and lubricated for her tight trans girl pussy. She fucks herself while tugging on her thick lady cock. Her love stick grows and grows as she rides the toy cock. The little cutie pumps her humongous girl dick in the jacuzzi until she shoots jizz all over her bikini line.

Update: Oct 10, 2018

Carla Novaes

Blonde Brazilian babe Carla Novaes looks stunning in her gold bikini. After a day of basking in the sun, she's ready to play in bed with you! She sensually rubs and teases her body. She begins to strip for you, exposing her big breasts and sexy tan lines. Her manicured fingers wander down to her curvy butt and trans girl pussy. Her humongous cock gets hard from all her ass play, and she strokes her huge knob. Her shiny pink tip makes you drool, as she spits out her own monster load of white and creamy goo!

Update: Sep 19, 2018


Sit back and let Brazilian bombshell Bellatrix seduce you. She begins by pulling her black panties to the side and fingers her tight ass hole. Then, she removes them completely and rubs her hard, pink girl cock. But that's just a warm up for the huge black dildo she is about to devour with her mouth. Now that it's nice and wet, she takes its enormous tip into her hungry trans girl pussy. She plays with her lady dick while riding the big monster cock. At last, she fingers herself and strokes her love stick until she shoots out a white and creamy glob of goo.

Update: Sep 05, 2018

Cibelly Morena

Bronzed beauty Cibelly Morena is a gorgeous Brazilian girl packing some serious heat. She dances and teases you with her big booty before inviting you into bed. There, she strips out of her sexy lingerie and rubs on her tiny panties. When she whips out her humongous mahogany love stick, you can barely believe your eyes. You'd love to lick her from her big pink tip all the way down to her tight trans girl pussy. She strokes her thick shaft while riding on a veiny dildo until she erupts in a slow, creamy load of girl spunk.

Update: Aug 22, 2018

Renata Farias

Brazilian trans girl Renata Farias has some incredible curves you'd like to get your hands all over. She looks stunning in her black lingerie set, thigh high stockings and leather boots. She spanks her juicy ass cheeks, as if to invite you inside. Her breasts are big and round, and her tiny nipples are perfect and poking out. Not to mention, she's got a huge love stick hiding in her tiny black thong. She strokes her shaft while her big balls bounce against her hand. Then, she pulls out a larger than life orange dildo. Your jaw drops as she manages to stuff her tiny ass pussy with it. At last, she works her gigantic girl dick until she explodes in cum all over her pierced belly button.

Update: Aug 15, 2018

Caroline Martins

Brazilian beauty Caroline Martins might be petite, but her all natural trans girl breasts are full of milk for you to drink. Suck on her tiny nipples while she squeezes them and feeds you. Then, watch her pull her lacy panties to the side and fingers her tight asshole. She also rubs her delicately manicured feet together and sucks on her toes. All the while, she is tugging on her gorgeous, pink girl dick. She's got a fat mushroom tip that you'd love to wrap your lips around. She must have the same idea, because she pulls out a HUGE dildo to suck on too. She wets it with her hungry mouth before spanking and stuffing herself with it. She rides its tremendous girth until she strokes out a gushy mess of creamy trans girl goo.

Update: Aug 01, 2018

Pati Cameron

Brazilian hottie Pati Cameron starts out by sliding her tiny black thong to the side and fingering her trans girl pussy. Then, she whips out her swollen uncut lady cock to play with too. She pokes and strokes her beautiful body on the side of the pool. You wish you could suck her incredible titties as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Her high heeled and pedicured feet also look good enough to eat. But Pati needs more stimulation first--a huge dildo! She fucks her tight hole and tugs her girl dick right about your hungry face. At last, she pushes herself over the edge and explodes with a juicy cumshot all over her stomach.

Update: Jul 18, 2018

Bianca Hills

Brazilian starlet Bianca Hills is gushing with excitement to see you. She immediately strips out of a sexy, black lingerie and starts sensually rubbing her gorgeous body. She can't believe how horny she is! After teasing you by hiding her love stick between her legs, she lets her humongous girl dick spring forward. Its so big and hard she can practically smack her cock head against her pierced belly button. She's already dripping precum, and you haven't even gotten it wet with your mouth yet. But first, watch Bianca take a dip in a bubbly jacuzzi and bathes her soft, tan skin. Sit back and relax (or stroke!) while she edges her enormous cock and shoots out a nice glob of girl goo all over her bikini tan line. Expert.

Update: Jun 27, 2018

Victoria Carvalho

Brazilian knockout Victoria Carvalho is back to have a little fun with our members. She gets the party started quickly, flashing you her gorgeous titties and rubbing her nipples with saliva. Soon, she's on her back and playing with the huge love stick hiding beneath her black, sheer panties. She grows so big, so fast, and you imagine you were beneath her helicoptering girl cock. Her ass is incredible too, as she bends over and peaks back at you between her legs. She strokes her lady wood with manicured fingers, leaning back with pleasure. She smacks her shaft against her toned stomach with a satisfying thud. Then she pulls out an orange dildo to play with. She takes it in her trans girl pussy while stroking her long clit. She fucks herself while riding the toy cowgirl, and then shoots a huge splooge of cum out the tip of her raging, pink cock.

Update: Jun 13, 2018

Kauane Pinheiro

Tall and sexy Kauane Pinheiro looks stunning in her bikini, pantyhose and high heels. Watch her put on a sensual strip tease for you in the backyard surrounded by trees and bushes. Her last name literally means "tall pine," and you'd certainly love to climb this exotic beauty! She teases you by spanking her thick, healthy butt and shaking it for you. Then, she pumps her huge girl dick in her pretty, manicured hand. She runs the other one through her beautiful, curly locks. She smacks her gigantic love stick against her stomach while you lick your lips. You'd love to get her big, black cock in your mouth, wouldn't you? Next, she bends over and stretches her trans girl pussy out with her fingers so that she can take the monster orange dildo. She wraps her juicy lips around its incredible girth to get it nice and wet, and then stuffs her tight hole with the tip. At last, she squeezes her chocolate chip nipples as she strokes out a thick and creamy load of trans girl goo and rubs it into her mocha skin.

Update: May 30, 2018


Blonde Brazilian babe Bellatrix looks stunning and sexy out by the pool. She's got tons of hot moves to show off for you, and you're sure to enjoy your first row seat! She's got gorgeous tits, a tight waist and a huge girl boner hiding in her bikini bottoms. She whips out her big lady dick and spanks it with pleasure. Now, completely naked, she wades into the cool pool water and splashes around. She wipes down her curvaceous ass and a wet finger slips inside her trans girl pussy. Next, she pulls out a gigantic pink dildo and tries to stuff it into her hungry mouth. Then, she fucks herself with the huge cock head! Finally, she lies back and strokes out a delicious treat of girl jizz before rinsing herself clean with the pool hose.

Update: May 16, 2018

Anny Rafaela

Tattooed Brazilian babe Anny Rafaela can't wait to jerk off for you outdoors by the pool. It's a hot, summer day, so she immediately undresses for you. She squeezes her healthy breasts and humongous ass. Then she licks her fingers and rubs the spit into her glistening cock head. She moans with each stroke, and you can hardly believe how big her girl dick grows. Next, she penetrates herself with a big, thick dildo. She spreads her legs wide and keeps tugging on her gorgeous, juicy love stick. Finally, she lies on her back and pinches her nipples, pushing herself closer to the edge. When she can no longer resist the urge to cum, she squirts out a drippy puddle of trans girl goo.

Update: May 02, 2018

Bianca Hills

Dirty blonde Bianca Hills is ready to show you just why Brazilian trans girls are so hot! Listen to her talk dirty in English while she strips out of her hot orange lingerie. Her voluptuous ass pokes out behind her as she teases her shaved pubic mound. Then, her big juicy cock springs out from underneath her, and you can hardly believe its huge size! She smacks her heavy shaft against her stomach, and then massages her perfectly round breasts. She grabs a big, orange dildo and shoves it down the back of her throat, all the while jerking his huge love stick. Once it is nice and wet, she slides it into her tight trans girl pussy. She moans as she takes it all the way down to the base, and her girl dick gets even harder. She flips on her stomach and bounces up and down on her toy. Finally, she lays back and strokes out yummy puddle of girl jizz all over her sexy tan lines.

Update: Apr 16, 2018

Fernanda Barros

Hi, I'm stunning Fernanda, and I want to show you all my pretty little secrets. My skin is tanned, my ass is tight, and my super girl toy is super hard. I am going to stroke my plaything while I suck on a dildo and finger my asshole until I spurt all over. Are you ready?

Update: Apr 11, 2018

Julia Steinkopf

Brazilian bronze babe Julia Steinkopf is excited to get off! She immediately tears off her sexy, purple negligee and squeezes her perfect breasts. She rubs saliva into her chocolate areolas before teasing her blushing butt crack. She pushes her thong to the side and slides a manicured finger into her hungry trans girl pussy. Stripped down to only her thigh stockings, she tugs on her long, thick trans love stick. Her pink balls bounce up and down as she strokes her swollen staff. Next, she spanks her hole with a big, yellow dildo before stuffing herself, inch by inch. Her uncut cock stands straight up as she pounds her tight ass pussy. She rides the toy cock reverse cowgirl, making her big booty bounce up and down. Then, she towers before you, making your mouth salivate for just the tiniest taste. You suck her off balls deep, and then she sits back and pushes herself to the edge for you. At last, she shoots a huge load of white and creamy girl goo.

Update: Apr 04, 2018

Cacau DiPaula

Stunning Brazilian trans girl Cacau DiPaula is relaxing in bed. She's wearing a white bra and panties, as well as a pair of golden high heels. She pulls the string of her thong tightly between her butt cheeks, giving you a quick peek at her tight trans girl pussy. Then, she pushes down her bra and squeezes her exposed nipples. She starts to play with her love stick too, and it swells to a beautiful pink color. Bending over the bed and starts to finger herself. Her manicured hands spread and spank her plentiful booty. She begs you to lick her asshole out while she jiggles her cheeks around your mouth. She shakes her balls and cock around too before smothering you with them. You breathe in her scent deeply and almost erupt on the spot. Eat her out while she jerks off on your face. Next, she sucks on a dildo and teases herself with it. She begins to take its length, while jerking her huge clit at the same time. She spreads her legs wide and tries to stuff the entire toy inside. She tries again on her stomach, but still struggles to fuck herself balls deep. Don't worry, though, she certainly enjoys trying! She squeezes her uncut cock for encouragement, and then takes the dildo cock from her ass to her mouth. With the added lubrication, she fucks herself even harder and deeper, to her ultimate satsifaction. Finally, she mounts the dildo and rides cowgirl. She strokes herself to the edge of pleasure until she explodes in a huge shower of white and creamy girl spunk. "Delicioso!" she moans.

Update: Mar 14, 2018

Jhoany Wilker

Brazilian Goddess Jhoany Wilker smacks and shakes her super thick ass, instantly turning you on. She peels off her fishnet top and squeezes her humongous breasts. Her jeweled thong hugs her ass crack tightly as she twerks. She strips down to nothing but a pair of thigh high boots and dances on the bed. She spanks herself with her belt, and then pulls her huge cock out of her tiny panties. Her cock is so big that she can tap it against her butt cheeks. She fingers her tight asshole, before towering above you and making her cock dance. She smacks her swollen shaft against her stomach. After sucking on her fingers, she rubs her spit against her hard nipples. As she jerks herself, she rubs her hands through her hair and all over her body. She pulls out a black dildo and starts sucking on it. She rubs it against her own love stick, and drool gets everywhere. She rubs it between her breasts, then straddles it on the bed. Bouncing up and down and grinding, she fucks herself while jerking her engorged lady dick. She squirts out a mess for you to clean up with your tongue.

Update: Feb 28, 2018

Rayca Lima

Brazilian bad girl Rayca Lima looks very dominant in her latex outfit and thigh high stockings, but she's ready to submit to your cock. You melt your ice queen immediately, and she starts teasing you with her voluptuous body. She rubs saliva into her pouty nipples and unties her top. Your eyes wander down her hourglass body to the love stick hiding in her tiny panties. She bends over and pokes her big booty out, and her girl cock tumbles out of the crotch of her lingerie. She slides the bottoms to the side and inserts a bright, red finger. Her black high heels poke backwards at you as you approach her from behind. You can't believe how huge her gorgeous cock looks, swinging back and forth between her legs. She takes a moment to tower above you, and you get an eyeful of the goods. Worship her girl cock, and don't forget to kiss her balls. You choke on her huge shaft, and you swear you can feel her delicious precum dripping down the back of your throat. Now, watch her suck on a big dildo and imagine it's your rod. She penetrates herself with the toy cock and strokes herself to a big, creamy load of girl jizz.

Update: Feb 14, 2018

Larissa Albuquerque

Bronze beauty Larissa Albuquerque looks incredible in her black bathing suit and high heels. Her long black hair cascades down her tattooed shoulders to her perfectly curved ass. She flashes you her engorged nipples and rubs her lady boner through the crotch of her one piece. She pulls her panties to the side and flexes her ass pussy for you, beckoning you to cum inside. But first, give her butterfly tattoo on her butt a big kiss. She penetrates herself with one, then two fingers. You watch her taste herself off her fingers and go back inside. She hides her love stick behind her leotard and starts stroking. When she finally shows it to you, you can't wait to gobble up her pink head. Her long dick bobs up and down as she shakes her hips back and forth. She looks good shaking from behind too, as her juicy ass cheeks smack together. You would just love to take her from behind. But just sit back and edge yourself as she jerks her lady dick. Don't cum until she shoots a thick creamy load of girl goo into her belly button.

Update: Feb 07, 2018

Valerya Pacheco

Hot Brazilian model Valerya Pacheco looks stunning in her bright, blue bikini and gladiator high heels. She's happy to show off her butterfly tattoo on her bodacious butt. Watch her make it "fly" while she makes her ass cheeks shake and clap together. She pulls her panties tight against her crotch, and you can see her delicious balls poking through. She rubs saliva into her perfect nipples and massages her big breasts. Her smile encourages you to enjoy yourself as well. She loves how you admire her sexy feet, all the way up to her painted lips and long eyelashes. She pulls her thong to the side and starts teasing her trans girl pussy for you. How would you like her? From behind, maybe? She bends over so you can see everything! Well, everything but her mouthwatering love stick! But if you're a good boy, she'll let you have a look. She strips completely and starts stroking her hard girl cock. She's also brought along a big, pink dildo to play with. She lubes it up and stuffs it up her tight hole. As she rides up and down on the toy cock, her gorgeous, tanned butt cheeks bounce. The pounds herself so hard she can't help but moan loudly! She jerks and fucks herself until she reaches the point of no return. Pinching a nipple, she shoots a huge load of lady cum all over her cute patch of pubic hair.

Update: Jan 31, 2018

Lavinia Megalhaes

Black Brazilian beauty Lavinia Magalhaes is looking smoking hot in her lacy lingerie. She begins massaging her huge, breasts with her sexy, manicured fingers. She pulls down her top and wets her fingers with saliva before rubbing it into her chocolate chip nipples. Then, she bends over and smacks her brown ass cheeks. She pushes the thong to the side and penetrates herself with two digits. She spreads herself wide open, and you can see her ass hole clench and release. She could almost gobble you up tongue first with her trans girl pussy. Next, she turns around and gives you a mouthful of her huge, mocha love stick. In Portuguese, she begs you to suck it. You lick her uncut cock from tip to base, and bury your face in her soft lady balls. Later, she pulls out a huge, pink dildo to play with. She licks the huge shaft and smacks it against her titties. Then, she lubes her asshole up and takes the monster cock like a pro. She fucks herself hard and deep with the toy before jerking herself to the edge. Finally, Lavinia strokes her huge cock until she shoots a huge load of milky white juice all over her thighs. You suck it up, too.

Update: Jan 10, 2018

Erika Lee

Brazilian trans beauty Erika Lee looks angelic in her white lingerie and thigh high stockings. She pulls down her top, exposing her sexy tan lines and perfectly round breasts. She rubs her chocolate chip nipples with her fingers, wet from saliva. Her huge ass pokes out while she is seated before you on the bed. She pulls out her huge monster of a cock and strokes with her white painted nails. Her lovely, large balls sack wiggles back and forth with each pump. She starts fingering her asshole while fucking her hand with her girl dick. She breathes deeply and winces with each and every thrust of her hips. Her love stick is so huge that she needs to use both hands. Then, she stuffs her fingers in her mouth and down her throat. Her bubble butt bounces up and down on the mattress. Next, she pulls out a huge, yellow dildo. She sucks the head before deep throating it all the way to the balls. She smacks the toy cock against her cheeks and strokes it. Doggystyle, she sticks it up her trans girl pussy. Then, she fucks herself on her back with her legs wide open. She starts sucking the dildo and jerking off at the same time. Smiling, she gets herself to the point of no return. She releases her cock from her hand, and it erupts like a volcano. Finally, she squeezes out every last drop, producing a nice, juicy load of white cum.

Update: Dec 27, 2017

Adriana Rodrigues

Brazilian trans girl Adriana Rodrigues know just what you need... a big, fat girl dick in your face. And she's not afraid to talk dirty to you about it. First, she pulls down her bra and starts massaging her breasts. She gives them a big kiss before flipping over and shaking her ass for you. She smacks her big butt and pulls down her lace panties. Her huge lady cock bounces out the top of her waistband, and she starts stroking for you. Her balls hang down over her panties too, as she suggests putting her love stick in your mouth. Can you handle all that dick? Then, she takes a manicured finger and sticks it in her trans girl pussy. Do you wanna fuck her tight ass? No, she's gonna fuck you, she says! But first, she's gonna deep throat your dick. But when she's ready to ride it, she's afraid you're too big! Careful, Daddy! She tugs on her long clit, and you finally slide in. You pound her ass pussy and fill her up completely. She bucks her hips widely into you so she can take it all. At last, she squeezes out a huge load of cum all over her tan stomach.

Update: Dec 06, 2017

Cibele Morena

Brazilian beauty Cibele Morena looks stunning with long black hair, bright red lips and white lingerie. Her huge mocha butt is barely contained by the thong fabric. She rubs her manicured fingers along her chocolate skin and begs you to cum closer. When she finally slips down her panties, you can't believe just how large she is. Her uncut big, black cock has a delicious pink head. She smacks her thick booty and shakes her hips back and forth. Her huge girl dick swings back and forth between her legs. She spanks it against her hand, making a satisfying thud sound. She's also brought a big dildo to play with. She slurps on it with a pierced tongue and smacks it against her face. After some intense frottage, she slides the toy cock into her tight trans girl pussy. She jerks herself while pounding her hole, until she erupts in a gigantic burst of lady spunk.

Update: Nov 22, 2017

Amanda Fialho

Brazlian butterfly Amanda Fialho is already in bed waiting for you to cum home. She's wearing sexy, black lingerie, but before you can even blink your eyes, she's torn off her bra and pushed her thong to the side. She sticks a soft finger into her bubble butt, loses off the undies, but keeps the thigh high stockings on, just you like. Next, she pulls out a big, black dildo to play with. She sucks on the huge toy cock, and then rubs it against her trans girl lady stick. As she smacks the dildo against her butthole, it makes a satisfying thud. Next, she sticks the hard rod in her tight hole, moaning sweetly with each inch. Still jerking her love stick, she grinds her ass hard against the BBC. Then, she turns over and fucks herself from behind. She shakes her huge, sexy butt and smacks her cheeks with the dildo. Her balls hang down in your face as she penetrates herself. You could lick her ass pussy while she keeps stroking. You help her reach climax, and at last she shoots out a powerful load of sticky girl goo.

Update: Nov 08, 2017

Hanna Rios

Brazilian cutie Hanna Rios is petite, but packing big heat. You've cum over just in time to catch her slipping out of her bikini. She pulls down her sexy thong bottoms and spanks her big, juicy ass. She can't help but play with her trans girl pussy and lady balls once she's bent over. Her cock is hard as fuck and super sensitive. With each stroke she moans, and her facial expressions reveal each and every sensational pleasure she feels. The choker-clad princess squeezes her all natural titties and smacks her heavy dick against her hand. Then, she pulls out a clear, orange dildo and starts sucking on it. Now that it's nice and wet, she uses the fake cock to fuck her tight asshole while still tugging on her long clit. Face down, ass up, she pushes herself to the edge of ecstasy. At last, she squeezes out a sticky mess and licks it up.