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Update: Jan 10, 2018

Erika Lee

Brazilian trans beauty Erika Lee looks angelic in her white lingerie and thigh high stockings. She pulls down her top, exposing her sexy tan lines and perfectly round breasts. She rubs her chocolate chip nipples with her fingers, wet from saliva. Her huge ass pokes out while she is seated before you on the bed. She pulls out her huge monster of a cock and strokes with her white painted nails. Her lovely, large balls sack wiggles back and forth with each pump. She starts fingering her asshole while fucking her hand with her girl dick. She breathes deeply and winces with each and every thrust of her hips. Her love stick is so huge that she needs to use both hands. Then, she stuffs her fingers in her mouth and down her throat. Her bubble butt bounces up and down on the mattress. Next, she pulls out a huge, yellow dildo. She sucks the head before deep throating it all the way to the balls. She smacks the toy cock against her cheeks and strokes it. Doggystyle, she sticks it up her trans girl pussy. Then, she fucks herself on her back with her legs wide open. She starts sucking the dildo and jerking off at the same time. Smiling, she gets herself to the point of no return. She releases her cock from her hand, and it erupts like a volcano. Finally, she squeezes out every last drop, producing a nice, juicy load of white cum.

Update: Dec 27, 2017

Adriana Rodrigues

Brazilian trans girl Adriana Rodrigues know just what you need... a big, fat girl dick in your face. And she's not afraid to talk dirty to you about it. First, she pulls down her bra and starts massaging her breasts. She gives them a big kiss before flipping over and shaking her ass for you. She smacks her big butt and pulls down her lace panties. Her huge lady cock bounces out the top of her waistband, and she starts stroking for you. Her balls hang down over her panties too, as she suggests putting her love stick in your mouth. Can you handle all that dick? Then, she takes a manicured finger and sticks it in her trans girl pussy. Do you wanna fuck her tight ass? No, she's gonna fuck you, she says! But first, she's gonna deep throat your dick. But when she's ready to ride it, she's afraid you're too big! Careful, Daddy! She tugs on her long clit, and you finally slide in. You pound her ass pussy and fill her up completely. She bucks her hips widely into you so she can take it all. At last, she squeezes out a huge load of cum all over her tan stomach.

Update: Dec 06, 2017

Cibele Morena

Brazilian beauty Cibele Morena looks stunning with long black hair, bright red lips and white lingerie. Her huge mocha butt is barely contained by the thong fabric. She rubs her manicured fingers along her chocolate skin and begs you to cum closer. When she finally slips down her panties, you can't believe just how large she is. Her uncut big, black cock has a delicious pink head. She smacks her thick booty and shakes her hips back and forth. Her huge girl dick swings back and forth between her legs. She spanks it against her hand, making a satisfying thud sound. She's also brought a big dildo to play with. She slurps on it with a pierced tongue and smacks it against her face. After some intense frottage, she slides the toy cock into her tight trans girl pussy. She jerks herself while pounding her hole, until she erupts in a gigantic burst of lady spunk.

Update: Nov 22, 2017

Amanda Fialho

Brazlian butterfly Amanda Fialho is already in bed waiting for you to cum home. She's wearing sexy, black lingerie, but before you can even blink your eyes, she's torn off her bra and pushed her thong to the side. She sticks a soft finger into her bubble butt, loses off the undies, but keeps the thigh high stockings on, just you like. Next, she pulls out a big, black dildo to play with. She sucks on the huge toy cock, and then rubs it against her trans girl lady stick. As she smacks the dildo against her butthole, it makes a satisfying thud. Next, she sticks the hard rod in her tight hole, moaning sweetly with each inch. Still jerking her love stick, she grinds her ass hard against the BBC. Then, she turns over and fucks herself from behind. She shakes her huge, sexy butt and smacks her cheeks with the dildo. Her balls hang down in your face as she penetrates herself. You could lick her ass pussy while she keeps stroking. You help her reach climax, and at last she shoots out a powerful load of sticky girl goo.

Update: Nov 08, 2017

Hanna Rios

Brazilian cutie Hanna Rios is petite, but packing big heat. You've cum over just in time to catch her slipping out of her bikini. She pulls down her sexy thong bottoms and spanks her big, juicy ass. She can't help but play with her trans girl pussy and lady balls once she's bent over. Her cock is hard as fuck and super sensitive. With each stroke she moans, and her facial expressions reveal each and every sensational pleasure she feels. The choker-clad princess squeezes her all natural titties and smacks her heavy dick against her hand. Then, she pulls out a clear, orange dildo and starts sucking on it. Now that it's nice and wet, she uses the fake cock to fuck her tight asshole while still tugging on her long clit. Face down, ass up, she pushes herself to the edge of ecstasy. At last, she squeezes out a sticky mess and licks it up.

Update: Oct 25, 2017

Rosy Pinheiro

Is everything bigger in Brazil? Brazilian trans girl Rosy Pinheiro certainly has us thinking so! She's got big boobs, a big ass, and a big, big dick! And she's excited to share them all with you! Watch her strip out of her sexy, pink lingerie and show off her stunning, suntanned body. She puts her humongous booty in your face and dances for you. Her she cock is causing a huge bulge in her thong bottoms, so she slides them down. She squeezes and spanks her thick booty. Then, she spreads her tan ass cheeks wide and sticks a manicured finger inside. You wish you could bury your face between her butt cheeks! She bends over and tugs on the big uncut cock hanging between her legs. Next, she smacks her huge cock against her hand, making a satisfying thud. She fingers her ass pussy while stroking her thick stick. She bounces up and down while jerking her woman meat until she shoots a huge load of creamy lady jizz all over her stomach and balls.

Update: Oct 11, 2017

Grazi Cinturinha

Brazilian Trans Girl Grazi Cinturinha has an incredible hourglass figure. Her wide hips and big breasts are barely covered by her sexy lingerie, but not for long. She quickly pulls down her black thong and shows off her bodacious butt. She smacks it playfully for you, even making her ass cheeks clap, but then its straight to the main event. Her pretty pink wand gets as stiff as a rod when she strokes and squeezes her buttercup nipples. She spreads her pantyhose covered legs wide and explores the opening of her tight trans girl pussy. She sticks a bejeweled finger inside before beckoning you to take a turn. She feels nice and warm in her ass pussy, but Grazi's got an even kinkier plan for your mouth. She towers over you on the bed, and you begin to worship her incredible lady cock. You lick her soft, wrinkly balls, and then she fucks your face good and hard. You want to return the favor, but for now you just have to watch her play. Cuckolded to a HUGE pink dildo, you can't believe how must fake cock she can take. She bites her dark red lips and winces as she stuffs herself with the 12-inch toy. You lose yourself in her dark eyes and long lashes, as she pokes and strokes herself. Bringing herself to orgasm, Grazi shoots an impressive load all over her tan lined stomach and breasts.

Update: Sep 20, 2017

Yasmin Fonthys

Hello boys, my name is Yasmin Fonthys and I'm excited to stroke my big cock for you today. First let me free this big trans girl ta-ta's for you. Do you want me do a little strip tease for you? Come on, don't be shy! Get a little closer. I want you to bury your face in tanned Brazilian ass. Lick my tight little pussy while I stroke my throbbing cock. If you're a good boy, I'll let you lick my long shaft and suck on my smooth balls. You're doing great but I really want to play with my double headed dildo. Watch me suck on it getting it nice and wet then watch me slowly slide it in my trans girl pussy. I pump my toy in deeper and deeper while stroking my swollen stick the whole time. Are you going to cum while watching me? I certainly hope so!!

Update: Sep 08, 2017

Luana Pacheco

Dirty blonde Brazilian babe Luana Pacheco is wearing sexy black lingerie and ready to show you a good time. She pulls down her thong, and plays with her she cock through the sheer lace. She shakes her big titties and girl dick, even licking her own nipples. Her hard lady stick helicopters around as she gyrates her hips. Then she spreads her legs wide, lies back, and strokes with two hands. She fingers her pink trans girl pussy with her red painted nail, flexing her tight hole and even smacking her cock head against it. On her stomach, she bounces her big booty up and down. Next, she pulls out a humongous black dildo and licks it. She sticks the huge monster in her asshole and rides. She pounds herself doggystyle, and you can hear how wet and gushy it is. She spanks her ass cheeks, wraps her feet around the base of the dildo, and goes even deeper. She strokes her cock while still fucking the black dildo, and she squirts out a white creamy mess.

Update: Aug 30, 2017

San Fontenelli

Brazilian beach babe San Fontenelli is wearing sexy blue lingerie and boots. Sit back for a moment, and admire her heavenly body. Smiling sweetly at you, she rubs her wide hips and spanks her big ass cheeks. She slips a pretty manicured finger into her trans girl pussy, and then a second. Her puckered hole is tight and ready for you. She massages her big, round breasts, and even licks her nipples. She starts stroking her pretty pink love stick with her soft hands. Soon, she's so hard that her veins are almost bursting out! She beats her glistening lady cock, breathing deeply with each pump. Towering before you, she tells you to swallow it down your throat. You see the reflection in the ceiling mirror, and you can hardly believe you are bowed at her feet and worshipping your Goddess' lady wood. After you suck her off, she lies back to give you her seed. She squeezes her fat she cock until she squirts out a thick and creamy glob of lady goo.

Update: Aug 16, 2017

Natalia Castro

Brazilian princess Natalia Castro is ready to have some fun this summer. Home from the beach, she pulls off her white tube top to reveal a beautiful pair of round, luscious breasts. And when she turns around for you on the bed, you can't help but notice her huge bubble butt. She's also got some mouthwatering balls poking out from underneath her tiny, black thong. She pulls the lace panties to the side so she can slide a cute little digit inside. Face down and ass up, she strokes her gorgeous pink lady cock, while still fingering herself. Next, she pulls out a big clear yellow dildo. She sucks it off with her pretty lips before slowly penetrating her trans girl pussy. Her horny hole tugs the 9-inch toy inside, inch by inch. Then, she takes it and shows you her gaping box. Her cute cavern flexes as she shakes her ass cheeks and continues fucking herself with the plastic cock. Then, she squats on the ground and rides it cowgirl, squeezing her breasts as she bounces up and down. At last, she shoots a huge load of white jizz all over her bikini tan line.

Update: Jul 26, 2017

Grazi Cinturinha

Mesmerizing beauty Grazi Cinturinha beckons you to cum closer and enjoy her toned, tan body. Wearing nothing but white bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings, she flashes you a gorgeous smile while squeezing on her large, goregous breasts. She spreads her ass cheeks wide, teasing her with her perfect, pink asshole. She plays with her lady stick for a moment before pulling out a huge dildo. She lubes it up with her wet mouth before opening her legs up and sliding the toy cock into her tight trans girl pussy. Propped up on the back of the couch, she takes almost the entire length, while tugging on her swollen shaft. Next, she flips over on her stop she can feel every last inch, until she is fucking herself balls deep. Her incredible ass pokes out as she rams her juicy hole. Insatiable, she spanks herself on the butt and moans passionately as she grind back into the plastic penis. She gets extra horny when she sucks on it and jerks off at the same time. Sitting down and stroking, she sword fights with the toy dick until she squeezes out sticky, sweet trans girl orgasm.

Update: Jul 19, 2017

Bianca Hills

Sexy and petite Bianca Hills is ready to show off her hot body. Wearing nothing but a pair of fishnet stockings and a choker, she is definitely ready to have a little naughty fun. She's small, but she is packing huge heat. She whips her huge lady cock out and smacks it against her stomach. With each satisfying thud, you can practically feel how strong her erection. Lying back with her legs spread wide open, she starts fingering her juicy ass. Then she bends over so you can admire her bodacious booty. She tugs on her huge clit as it pokes out between her legs. Wouldn't you love to be behind her fucking and sucking? She squeezes on her lovely tits, and she can even make her nipples lactate. She moans and breathes heavily, keeping herself on the edge, until she shoots a load of lady milk all over her tan thighs.

Update: Jun 14, 2017

Luanna Pacheco

Dirty blonde, beach bunny Luana Pacheco is donning a sexy leopard print leotard, but not for long. When she sees you watching, she quickly pulls down her top and starts sucking on her nipples. She pinches them until they are nice and hard, and then she strips completely. Her thick lady cock bounces up and down in excitement as she teases her thighs and breasts. Then she whips out another hard rod to play with... her glass dildo. She licks and sucks it until its wet and slippery, then she lies back and spreads her legs open. She breathes deeply and moans as she takes to the toy, inch by inch. As it fills up her trans girl pussy, her lady dick gets even harder. She strokes her pretty pink cock while penetrating herself deeply. Spanking her butt cheeks and rubbing her big breasts only add to the intensity. This flexible Brazilian babe moans in ecstasy, as she pounds herself with the fake cock. Eager for an orgasm, her legs and ass shake uncontrollably with each pump. At last, while still jerking and stuffing her tight hole at the same time, Luana gives into pleasure and erupts in a messy, wet orgasm.

Update: May 31, 2017

Fernanda Lemos

Sexy beach babe Fernanda Lemos is just cumming home from a walk on the boardwalk in her sexy black bathing suit and heels. Won't you help her get out of her sweaty one-piece, so you can relax together? You start by pulling down her top, revealing her huge, lovely breasts and large, round nipples. You want to kiss and suck on each and every goosebump that appears on her exposed knockers. Next, she plays a little with the crotch of her suit, teasing you, before she strips completely. Out springs a gorgeous, pink lady cock for you to please. She shows you how to grip it just right, and how she can suck on her titties while she jerks. With big tits and a big dick, what else could you want? You're in heaven with this Brazilian beauty, and she knows how to treat you right. She bends over so you can get an eyeful of her cock and balls hanging down, while she claps her bodacious butt cheeks together. She fingers her tight ass, and then invites you inside. You warm her up with some deep tongue action, and then you penetrate her with your mesmerized man meat. You fuck her trans girl pussy so good that when its time for her to cum, she shoots a HUMONGOUS, JUICY LOAD all over her chest, face, and even eyes!!!

Update: May 17, 2017

Bianca Hills

Brazilian trans porn superstar Bianca Hills might be petite, but her dick is huge! She's definitely going to need your help as she grabs some Afternoon Delight. She talks dirty to you in English over the loud thud of her gigantic cock smacking against her stomach. She's wearing only a black choker and thigh high panty hose, so you can see her sex tan lines around her perfect breasts and asshole. She smacks her butt too, telling you right where she wants you to put your manhood. But she also knows you want to suck her off first. You want to play with her precum and lick the milk off her lactating titties. So, she licks it up herself and then jerks off and fingers her ass pussy just to tease you. You can hear her the rings on her fingers clicking together with each stroke. She pinches her nipples and moans as she brings herself closer and closer to the edge. At last, she squeezes out a nice milky load of lady jizz for you to lap up. Thanks for the helping hand, stud!

Update: Apr 26, 2017

Patricia Campbell

Black Brazilian bombshell Patricia Campbell is ready to have a little fun. After a long and hard day, she's sure you are too. So cum on in and get comfortable. She starts out by slipping down her top and squeezing together her amazing knockers. She pokes her bodacious butt out and bends over to slip down her black lace lingerie bottoms. Wearing nothing but a choker. she motions for you to get a little closer. She wants you to see everything as she strokes her big black cock. Her long black hair cascades down her back and she begins to moan. Soon she's in her favorite position... bent over the couch and jerking her cock from behind. She closes her eyes and imagines it's you there tugging and teasing her chocolate dick and balls. She squeezes onto the armrest to brace herself for your sensual caresses. Then lying on her back, this kinky trans girl licks her own mocha nipples before shooting multiple streams of white cream onto her soft ebony thighs.

Update: Apr 19, 2017

Victoria Carvalho

Stunning beauty Victoria Carvalho is horny and ready to play. She's quickly slips down her sheer lace negligee to show off a pair of large, round breasts. She warms herself up by massaging her tits and patting her crotch. She squeezes her nipples with her red hot fingernails, inviting you to cum closer and have a taste. Brazilian trans girls have the hottest booties, and Victoria is no exception! She bends over so you can grab a handful from behind. She smacks and spreads her cheeks, and her gorgeous lady dick and balls hang heavily between her legs. She looks back at you, begging for you to fill her aching hole. You match her rhythm as she pushes back into you, and you reach around squeeze her growing lady wood. After you spill your seed deep inside her, she lies back and finishes herself off as you watch. She breathes deeply, stroking while pulling tightly on her ball sack, until she squirts out a messy surprise all over her tan thighs.

Update: Apr 12, 2017

Grazi Cinturinha

Are you an ass guy? Or a boob guy? Well, you can have it all with Brazilian trans girl hottie Grazi Cinturinha. This stunning and sexy woman is feminine from head to toe, and you want to lick it all! Wearing only black lace lingerie and thigh high stockings, she is eager to share her exotic body with you. With her smoky eyes she looks down at her tiny panties and licks her cherry red lips. She gives her crotch a soft pat before pulling down the waistband. When she finally shows you what's beneath her thong, you can't believe how huge her balls are, how fat her cock head is, how flushed with blood she is. She strokes her pretty pink princess cock before bending over and fingering her tight ass. Her wrinkly balls hang down between her legs as she finger fucks her trans girl pussy. Then, seated before you, she squeezes her perfectly puckered nipples and moans. All the simulation is finally too much to take, and she splooges out nice stream of girl goo.

Update: Mar 29, 2017

Laryssa Machado

Trans girl cutie pie Laryssa Machado is here to give you the full trans girlfriend experience. Imagine cumming home to this petite brunette beauty, wearing nothing but white lace thigh high stockings. Her cute little all natural titties need some sweet kisses to warm things up. Then with French manicured fingers, she starts tugging on her big lady cock and groaning. Face down on her knees now, she firmly grabs the shaft with one hand while spreading her round ass cheeks wide with the other. Her tight trans girl pussy is waiting to be violated by hard dick. With her a big smile, she looks back at you, and you nearly shoot your load right then and there. She laughs and makes her booty clap. As she humps the air, her sweet lady stick swings back and forth between her legs. You wish you could fuck her hole and suck her off at the same time! For now, you'll just have to sit back and watch her finish the job for you. Laryssa strokes her lovely lady wood until it spits up a white and creamy mess all over her tan body.

Update: Mar 15, 2017

Bruna Castro

Brazilian beauty Bruna Castro can't wait to get to know all you Stroker boys out there! With her dark eyes and hair, and beautifully tanned skin, chances are, you're pretty excited to meet her too! When you first see her, she is wearing only sexy, black lingerie and heels. She quickly unfastens her bustier to reveal her cute and perky breasts. Next, she slips down her panties and lets you admire her from the backside. Her manicured fingers smack and stretch her cheeks wide open for you to dive in with your tongue. Your sweet flicks get Bruna nice and hard, and, at last, she whips her fat cock out the side of her thong. Why don't you go ahead and take yours out too so you can stroke together? Seeing you tug on your man meat makes her get even hotter, and she strips completely. This steamy siren squeezes her nipples while she plays with her lady wood, and then moves down to her trans girl pussy. She throws her head back in pleasure as she slides a finger into her tight, wet hole. When the two of you can no longer stand it, she shoots a nice, milky load of lady jizz all over her pierced belly button.